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New homes in Málaga

This Andalusian city has everything to provide an excellent quality of life: beaches, culture, gastronomy and more, plus an enviably healthy economy based on agriculture blessed by the area's Mediterranean climate. Who wouldn’t want to move to such a place? Read on and learn more about the new homes in Málaga.

A cultural life jam-packed with options

In Málaga, you don’t need to visit the Prado Museum to enjoy the finest art. That’s because it has around thirty museums, including the Contemporary Art Centre, the Pompidou, the Picasso Museum, La Térmica, the Russian Art Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

As you can see, art has found a great home in the province of Málaga. Incredible as it may seem, the city of Málaga has the highest concentration of museums per square kilometre in the whole of Europe. A fact worthy of merit that not everyone knows.

The beach or the mountains?

Why choose? Málaga is one of those provinces blessed with both options. You’ll be able to discover countless beaches and fishing villages, but also mountain landscapes such as the Sierra de las Nieves and hiking routes like the famous Caminito del Rey, which, after its recent refurbishment, has become accessible to everyone, as before, only the most daring and experienced among us could venture along it.

One of the best cities to live in

The renowned Forbes magazine has no doubts, declaring that the capital of Málaga is one of the best cities to live in. To substantiate its decision, it examined important aspects such as its excellent range of international schools, good health system, proximity to airports, affordable housing costs and high level of public safety.