We are #puredesign

Our architecture is more than what you see. We believe in design that transcends aesthetics and we create homes with your quality of life in mind. Spaces conceived with sensitivity and designed to adapt to you, your city and the planet. We build homes where design is #puredesign.


Passionate about architecture


We believe that the personality of homes and their artistic dimension are perfectly compatible with habitability, utility and comfort. To achieve this, we rely on prestigious architects and new talents who bring added value. We have set out to go beyond the traditional conception of the real estate market to take residential architecture to its highest level. For this reason, names such as RCR Arquitectes, Rafael de La-Hoz, Eduardo Souto de Moura or Ricardo Bofill form part of our catalogue of projects, combining their know-how and prestige with the lives of the people who live in their projects.



Focus on design


At Kronos Homes, we focus on design, because we understand it as the backbone of architecture. For us, it is that which combines beauty and functionality, that is, which is capable of fulfilling its purpose in the best possible way without sacrificing aesthetic quality. At Kronos Homes, design is transversal to all phases of a project, from the first sketches to the end of a building's life, because not only the quality of the residential building will depend on it, but also its iconic potential and its capacity to consolidate itself as a point of reference in the urban fabric. So much so that, to give life to the homes in our developments, we collaborate with the most prestigious interior designers on the national scene, such as Jean Porsche in The Edge; Pepe Leal, in La Finca; Beatriz Silveira, in Panorámica; Miriam Alía, in Edén; Erico Navazo, in Tribeka; Jean Porsche in The Edge and The Collection; Patricia Bustos, in Waves and La Finca; Teresa Sapey, in Onix; and María Santos, in Ipanema. It is not about making show flats, we want our clients to see the potential of their future home and breathe our philosophy when they enter each project.



Inspired by art


Art is in our DNA. Not only do we consider each project as a work of art in its architectural dimension, we also advocate the inclusion of paintings and sculptures as part of the personality of our residences, as is the case of "Tango in Nature", a spectacular sculpture by Peter Cauro installed in our Nature project; or the large painting by Santiago Ydánez, in the lobby of Ikon. We conceive art as a symbol of identity, we recognise its social value and we are committed to its inclusion in our projects and in our cities as a distinctive element. For this reason, we have initiated a sculpture donation programme, including "Perro I" by Rafa Macarrón on the Estepona seafront promenade, and the totem "Balanced Stones" by Luna Paiva in Valencia.



We care about urban planning


The choice of each of our locations is motivated by their suitability and their harmony with the project. We defend architecture as a transforming agent, capable of dynamising and enriching society. We not only deal with the creation of housing, but also with the whole of the space in which they intervene. A new concept of responsible urban planning that seeks to unite the urban fabric and strengthen its social dynamics to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants through an intervention based on quality, design and sustainability.


Committed to sustainability


We believe that better architecture is synonymous with a better planet. Our commitment to the environment makes us more sustainable. All our projects stand out for their energy efficiency and, to ensure this, we use the most demanding sustainable construction certifications, such as Breeam. Similarly, we work with architectural firms that implement processes aimed at optimising the use of resources. Tools such as BIM technology help to control and foresee the development of the project down to the smallest detail, allowing us to manage the materialisation of the project, increasing its efficiency and minimising its carbon footprint. Because the only way to continue growing is to continue evolving. In our Sustainability Report you can see the achievements of Kronos Homes to move towards a more respectful world with people, the environment and the planet.


Kronos smart, the technological vanguard


KRONOS SMART is the home automation line of Kronos Homes, a wide range of technological solutions to make your new home a real smarthome. There are multiple possibilities, from intelligent lighting and access control with smartphones to wireless consumption measurement systems. Everything you need in terms of security, comfort and energy efficiency for a modern, digital and connected home experience.


We are a Great Place To Work

At Kronos, we champion a culture where people are at the centre, promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing. That's why our policy and our offices are a healthy, employee-friendly space.

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