KRONOS SMART is the home automation line of Kronos Homes, a wide range of technological solutions to make your new home a real smarthome. There are multiple possibilities, from intelligent lighting and access control with smartphones to wireless consumption measurement systems. Everything you need in terms of security, comfort and energy efficiency for a modern, digital and connected home experience.


Intelligent lighting

Control the different luminaires and lighting circuits wherever you are via your mobile phone. In addition, you can program them to adjust automatically to different environments and schedules, remotely controlling the intensity, colour and programming of the lights in the house. Thanks to their intercommunication, these devices form a wireless network that allows them to be controlled from a central device or smartphone.


Consumption meters

Monitor in real time the consumption of energy, water and other resources in your home. With these remote metering devices, the information collected is transmitted over the wireless network to give you an immediate and detailed reading. Their use not only allows you to monitor consumption and save resources, but also aligns with BREEAM energy efficiency targets by providing concrete data for managing and reducing unnecessary consumption.


Temperature control

Optimise the climate in your home, thanks to smart thermostats that allow you to regulate the heating, air conditioning or ventilation system. By combining the air conditioning, heating and/or ventilation systems, you will be guaranteed maximum comfort in every room of your home. Air-condition your home before returning from a trip, or control the temperature from work so that your pet is neither cold in winter nor hot in summer. All this and much more can be done from your smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection.

More features

Discover the endless possibilities of a smart home. You will explore in detail all the features and amenities that transform a home into a connected, efficient and state-of-the-art space.

Access control via Smartphone

Remotely manage and control the entrance to your home using elements such as smart locks. Using your smartphone, you can grant temporary access, receive activity notifications and operate the lock from anywhere with an internet connection.

Irrigation control

Keep your garden in perfect condition, saving water and without having to go out to water. Our intelligent systems allow you to automate garden watering according to programming and/or weather conditions. In addition, you can configure them remotely, adjusting watering times and the amount of water according to the needs of your garden.

Automatic blinds

Control the privacy and light in your home with remotely operated blinds. All you need is a mobile device connected to the internet to raise and lower the blinds in your home, regardless of where you are. A perfect option for regulating the temperature in your home when you are away, or so that no one knows you have gone on holiday.

Cameras, technical alarms and IoT sensors

Rest assured with our surveillance devices and sensors connected to the internet. From your smartphone you can monitor the security and status of your home. With presence, smoke, CO2 or flood detectors, you won't miss a single detail.

Digital and wireless video door entry system

Our intercom and video system allows you to see who is at the door and talk to them from your mobile phone or from a screen inside your home. Whether you're at home or out and about, you'll be able to monitor who has called and, if you have a smart lock, you can even give them access if needed.

Smart speakers

Listen to your favourite music in every corner of your home and chat with your favourite voice assistant thanks to internet-connected audio devices. A useful and intuitive tool that keeps you in touch with the world while you carry out any domestic task.

Power supply

Smart power points allow you to remotely switch connected devices on and off, as well as to control electricity consumption on an individualised, point-by-point basis, with real-time metering.

Control of the sewage treatment plant

If you have a private pool, you probably want to keep it in optimal conditions. With our remote control systems for the purifier, you can monitor, programme and configure the specific water values, as well as the switch-on and switch-off times. So that when you get home, you can have that swim you've been thinking about all day.

This integration of home automation services based on radio frequency protocols (ZWave, Zigbee or Bluetooth Mesh) provides a smart and connected home environment, enabling efficient control and management of all devices from a centralised platform, providing users with convenience, security and energy efficiency. The inclusion of connected consumption meters in a smart home not only meets BREEAM's energy efficiency and sustainability requirements, but also offers a practical and measurable solution for efficient resource management, contributing to the environmental recognition and certification of the development.

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