Peter Cauro
Peter Cauro

Peter, a self-confessed nomad, has spent his life moving between various cities in Europe and South America, shaping his style of expression that encompasses multiple artistic currents, embodied in his works. His creative heritage and skill as an artist are rooted in the influence of his paternal grandfather, a watercolourist who instilled in him an appreciation for form and the necessary skills. Likewise, the influence of his maternal grandfather, a comic book artist, left a distinctive mark on Peter's artistic perspective.

Peter describes his life as two sides of the same coin, one as an entrepreneur and the other as an artist, but emphasises his constant effort to bring art in all its forms into his professional and personal life.

As an entrepreneur, Peter develops his activity through Creative Artisans. A platform that encompasses the hospitality industry, with two establishments (La Dama in Barcelona and Maison Balkii in Geneva), as well as an events agency. Both projects are conceived from a creative and multidisciplinary vision, in perfect harmony with his artistic approach.

As for the purely artistic facet, Cauro says that his first creations were centred on painting, influenced by Street Art and Graffiti, giving rise to vibrant and formally free works. Over time, his career evolved towards a more structuralist perspective, inspired by architecture, where sculpture takes precedence over other disciplines. Despite this change, he stresses that he does not consider himself "very specialised" and prioritises experience over expressive form. In his own words, he seeks to work intensely on the visual, physical and musical experience, whether through painting or performance. At the same time, he emphasises that these expressions are similar, as he always seeks the satisfaction of those who live each experience, considering not only the aesthetic perspective, but also the intrinsic strength of the experience itself.


With Kronos Homes, Peter has collaborated on the Nature project, with his sculpture "Tango in Nature", a spectacular large-format piece made of Corten steel and located outdoors in the gardens of the development. Another example of our commitment to art and its inclusion in the architectural work. You have all the details in this post.

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Madrid, Patrimonio de la Humanidad
Madrid, Patrimonio de la Humanidad
Peter Cauro: un baile en acero corten
Peter Cauro: un baile en acero corten
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Cómo decorar la entrada de la casa
La Finca, duelo de estilistas
La Finca, duelo de estilistas
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